Building muscles

Sometimes it seems like life is simply setting us up to beat us down. But I’ve learned a very valuable lesson over the years: the harder the ride, the bigger the muscles. You don’t build any kind of muscles (physical, emotional, financial, etc) by taking the easy way out. In fact, the process of building muscles is based on “tearing and repairing.” Old muscle tissue is torn and damaged during a workout and then grows stronger during the healing and rebuilding period. That’s just how life works. We may feel like we’ve been beaten up or torn down, however, it is during the healing and regeneration process that we become bigger, stronger, and better than before. Don’t look at life’s trials as things that come to hurt you, but rather as situations that will ultimately help you and propel you on the path toward greatness.

Get it all in

There’s a great lesson about priorities that’s often told in seminars and motivational sessions–and credited to author and leadership trainer Stephen Covey: An instructor places a jar on the desk, along with several fist-sized rocks on it. He asks, “How many of these rocks can fit in the jar?” After many guesses from students, he fills up the jar with the large rocks and asks, “Is the jar full?” Everyone said yes. Then he reaches under the table and takes out a bucket of gravel and dumps it into the jar, filling the spaces between the rocks. “Now, is the jar full?” By now the students were skeptical. He then reaches for a bucket of sand to fill the jar. Then finally a pitcher of water. “What is the lesson here?” the instructor asked. Somebody said, “Well, if you really work at it, you can always fit in more.” The instructor replied, “No, the lesson is that if you don’t fit in the big rocks first, you’ll never get them in.” In order for us to get it all in, we must keep our main priorities as our main priorities and fit the “big rocks” in first.

Dare to Dream

The purpose of Dream Bigger, Live Better is to help inspire readers to remember the dreams they once had and refuse to give up on living life to the fullest. Even though life has a way of beating you down, your dreams can be just the motivation you need to pick you back up and get you going again. We don’t have to settle for living a mundane life because that’s what others expect us to do. We can dare to be the best possible version of ourselves. We can dare to do more and to be more. We can dare to dream!

You’re Invited to Dream Big

“We get out of life what we dream, create and put into life.”

For anyone who has ever had a dream and then walked away from it because you felt it was too big, too lofty or too ambitious, this blog is for you. I want you to gather up the broken pieces of your life and work with me to put them back together again.

In my dreams, I want to be a breath of fresh air, inspire others to follow their dreams and live the most fulfulling life possible. I want others to believe in their own possibilities without self-imposed limits; and to see for themselves their unlimited potential.

Don’t waste time living a mundane and unfulfilled life; watching life go by without taking the initiative to fulfill your dreams and not believing in your own potential. Life is short, so we have to cram everything in before we leave, so let’s get started now!